in the officeAna Souza graduated in Language Teaching and Translation (Portuguese/English) in Brazil, where she taught EFL for 10 years. She did her MA in English Language Teaching at Thames Valley University (present West London University), London, UK. and conducted her doctoral study at the University of Southampton. Ana became a Fellow of the British Higher Education Academy after completing her PGCE-HE at Goldsmiths, University of London. In London, she has taught ESOL and Portuguese and is regularly invited to present workshops on bilingualism, issues about language and identity of migrant families and complementary schooling.

Ana’s research interests include bilingualism, language choices,  language planning (family and migrant churches), language and identity, community language schools, Brazilian migration, the teaching of Portuguese as a Heritage Language and training of language teachers.

Ana is presently a Visiting Lecturer at PPGL, University of Brasilia (UnB, Brazil) and a  Visiting Academic (Honorary) at Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, England). Watch Ana’s staff profile at Brookes.


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